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Beware of WhatsApp scam offering free internet without WiFi

FacebookTwitterWhatsAppLinkedIn The latest WhatsApp scam offers free internet without the need of using WiFi. Another day, another scam. This time the attackers are offering free internet to WhatsApp users if they open the given link and invite their friends too. Though many people today are aware of such hoaxes but many naive people still open such links, especially if they ...

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Whatsapp Messages are Not Secure and Could be Intercepted by Anyone: Report

Whatsapp messages, that the company had claimed to be so secure that even staff couldn’t intercept it, aren’t secure, reported Guardian Newspaper today. Paper said that there’s a loophole in Whatsapp that could allow Facebook and others to intercept and read your Whatsapp messages. Citing a new research, the paper said that Facebook or others could read Whatsapp messages due to ...

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12 Tips & Tricks to Help You Make the Most Out of Whatsapp

There is no doubt that WhatsApp Messenger is one of the most popular application across all mobile platforms. The messenger has over one billion active users. With the new updates rolling in, it is tough to keep track of all the updates. ProPakistani has created a guide of all the old and new tips and tricks which can prove useful ...

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WhatsApp Lets You Draw Little Pictures Now

With its enormous user base and built-in end-to-end encryption, WhatsApp has some major advantages over rival messaging tools. In the hyper-competitive digital marketplace of 2016, however, only one feature truly matters: the ability to draw little pictures (preferably cute ones) over other little pictures. WhatsApp announced it was finally offering this essential service, further realizing the complete Snapchat-ization of Facebook’s ...

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Facebook will use Whatsapp users’ personal data

As you know that Whatsapp is also by facebook company before two years ago. Now Facebook management change the privacy policy of whatsapp and allow users data to share on facebook for the purpose of getting ads. The companies says that there is not security risk to your whatsapp messages on your facebook timeline, or your status updates being sent ...

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