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Automatic Traffic Challans through E-Ticketing System for Lahore

Gone are the days where you could outrun or bribe the traffic police officer to get out of a sticky situation. The traffic police officers are now being replaced by CCTV cameras in Lahore to monitor the traffic violations and generate an automate challan, which will be sent to the culprit’s doorsteps. Lahore is one of the most densely populated ...

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Computerization and Automation of Prisons in Punjab

The prison department of Punjab operationalized the Prison Management System with the collaboration of United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) in Pakistan. They designed the said system to computerize and automate prisoner related matters and day to day operations in the province’s prisons. This system will help the administration of Prisons department administration to manage over crowding, the ...

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NAB is going to establish Digital Forensic Lab for Investigation

The National Accountability Bureau is going to establish his first Digital Forensic Science Lalb in Rawalpindi Bureau for investigation purpose and finger print analysis. NAB can be eliminate corruption using latest technology in this forensic lab. The Chairman NAB said the laboratory will help retrieve documents from electronic devices like cell phones, computers, iPads and networks, and its preservation to ...

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