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Best wifi names

Best wifi names Everybody is searching for funny and interesting Wifi names to deliver a special message to the one who explores the all wifi connections in the area and also wants to access on yours. You may need to set such a thoughtful Wifi name scary enough for the hacker or funny which makes you popular in the society. ...

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How to Choose Your Internet Service Provider in Pakistan?

When it comes to broadband connections or internet for your home, Pakistani market has always been ruled by a single player. Fortunately, other companies have ended the Internet Service Provider (ISP) monopoly in Pakistan with faster connections, reliable equipment and far better customer support. Subscribing to an ISP is a pretty big investment as far as money and time go. ...

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Twitter reports increase in info and removal requests for 2016

Twitter has published its transparency report for January to June 2016, and one thing’s clear: requests for user info and content removal keep on piling up. The microblogging website received two percent more government requests for account information compared to the second half of 2015. That’s not a dramatic change compared to the increase in numbers between the first and ...

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Facebook will use Whatsapp users’ personal data

As you know that Whatsapp is also by facebook company before two years ago. Now Facebook management change the privacy policy of whatsapp and allow users data to share on facebook for the purpose of getting ads. The companies says that there is not security risk to your whatsapp messages on your facebook timeline, or your status updates being sent ...

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Twitter suspends 360,000 accounts for terrorist

Twitter continues to fight to keep terrorist groups and sympathizers from using its service. The social network announced today that in the last six months it has suspended 235,000 accounts for violating its policies related to the promotion of terrorism. In February, Twitter reported that it had suspended 125,000 accounts since mid-2015 for terrorist-related reasons. That means Twitter has suspended 360,000 ...

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Pakistani Search Engine “Akas-e-Pakistan”

SUPARCO (Space & Upper Atmosphere Research Commission) announced that they will the first Pakistan Search engine with a local virtual mapping service. Through this service the people of Pakistan can be search the geological information and places. SUPARCO name this search engine Akas-e-Pakistan.   Another important announcement is that SUPARCO launching Remote Sensing Satellite which enable the users to view ...

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