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Hack knocks out a fifth of the Dark Web

DragonImages via Getty Images The Dark Web is having a rough time right now… although the victims in this case won’t earn too much sympathy. An Anonymous-linked hacker speaking to Motherboard brought down about a fifth of the Tor network’s ‘secret’ websites (over 10,000 of them) in a claimed vigilante move. The intruder decided to attack a Dark Web hosting ...

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Here’s how to become an ethical hacker

Cybersecurity should be top of mind for most people, especially given the slew of high-profile cyber-attacks that have been dominating the news. While it’s often unclear who the perpetrators of these attacks are, the core concepts and techniques they use are well known, and can help you protect yourself or build a lucrative career protecting others from cyber threats. The ...

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High-ranking Russian cybercrimes officer arrested for treason

REUTERS/Maxim Shemetov A top Russian cyberintelligence officer who US officials say lead last year’s election hacking was arrested this week. Sergei Mikhailov, a senior member of the Federal Security Service (FSB), is charged with treason. For now, one Russian newspaper reports indicate that the arrest isn’t related to election hacking. According to an article in Kommersant, the arrest stems from ...

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KPK Right to Information website hacked by Indians

The website of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Right to Information (RTI) has been allegedly hacked by Indian hackers. The cyber-attack came right after a couple of days when Pakistani hacker group “Alone Injector” defaced Indian National Security Guard website. KPK RTI Commission ensures transparency and access to information. The hacked website displayed Indian flag and a message in the Hindi language. Only ...

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Apple Watch banned in UK during Government meetings

The British government has banned its top officials from wearing the Apple Watch during high-level Cabinet meetings over fears the device could be hacked by foreign agents acting against the U.K., the Telegraph reported on Monday. While some may scoff at the idea of the smartwatch being taken over by hackers, others are likely to look upon it as a ...

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A pakistan got 3rd position among top bug hunters from around the Globe

Mr. Shahmeer Amir born in Multant and till now he earned almost $150,000 in total bounties by reporting bugs to 300+ global organizations. Some of these organizations include Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, Twitter, LinkedIn, Dropbox and much more. Consistent with last year’s status as a top bug finder, Shahmeer Amir continues to be a top producer in terms of bugs ...

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