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Facebook To Introduce Ads in Messenger

Facebook is finally testing out a major way to monetize the Messenger platform and that concerns ads. Quite sizable ones, which’ll sit below your recent conversations. The social network’s messaging app will allow businesses in Australia and Thailand to advertise on the home screen. They’ll consist of an image followed by a text and a link. The link can be ...

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Facebook offers extra security with USB key support

None of us want strangers accessing our accounts online. You might use a password manager, or two-factor authentication via SMS, but there’s another way you can stay protected — physical security keys. Following Google, Dropbox and others, Facebook has added support for these privacy-centric dongles today. When you log into your account, that means you can choose to prove your ...

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Facebook upgrades Privacy Basics with more guides

Facebook isn’t exactly a stellar example of a company that values your privacy, but it just made its features’ privacy settings much easier to understand. The social network has debuted a redesigned Privacy Basics section, which now works better on mobile and contains more interactive guides to help make sure your account is safe and stalker-proof. When you visit the ...

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Facebook is Still Struggling When It Comes to Hate Speech

A German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung shared a report, citing internal documents, which reveals how Facebook takes care of hate speech and fake news. The report was published in the papers last week, when the German politicians threatened to create laws against social networks for refusing to permanently delete hate speech or fake news from their platforms. The internal documents in ...

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Facebook death notice was terrible mistake admitted by Facebook Team

Supposedly The King of all social media platforms and giant sized company Facebook started posting notices to its several users implying that they were dead, this incidence happened on last Friday.   It has been reported by several users of Facebook that they received a official message from Facebook in which they were referred by name and noticed as dead. ...

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Third Party Fact Checkers Will Now Check Facebook for Fake News

Four third party sites will help check the news on Facebook for hoaxes and spam news. Snopes, FactCheck.org, Politifact, ABC News and AP will help Facebook with this endeavor. Earlier, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg mentioned the steps the company was taking in order to solve the problem. Four of these have been completed thus far. The necessary steps were to: ...

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