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Connected Cars Pose a Cybersecurity Challenge

This year, CES 2017 featured a variety of technologies that support the future of autonomous or automated driving, including parking assist, collision avoidance, emergency braking and much more. This is according to David Emm, principal security researcher at Kaspersky Lab, who explains technology has transformed the driving experience through delivering safer, more efficient and comfortable journeys. However, Emm warns the ...

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Cybercrime Cost $126 Billion, Affected 689 Million People In 2015

The cost of cybercrime reached a whopping $126 billion during 2015 and affected 689 million people in 21 countries, an annual study found. The Norton Cyber Security Insights Report 2016 also found a 10 percent increase in online fraud compared to the year before, based on data from 17 countries where it conducted the survey in both years. The study ...

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Apple Watch banned in UK during Government meetings

The British government has banned its top officials from wearing the Apple Watch during high-level Cabinet meetings over fears the device could be hacked by foreign agents acting against the U.K., the Telegraph reported on Monday. While some may scoff at the idea of the smartwatch being taken over by hackers, others are likely to look upon it as a ...

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Cyber Crime Bill, do not get powers to any institution, the FIA Cyber Wing’s future uncertain 

  The Federal Government of Pakistan has approved the new law for Cyber Crime but still any law enforcement department not authorize to use this law. A hundreds of application regarding social media, electronic crime are still pending with FIA Cyber Crime Wing due to clarification of approved law. A month ago the National Assembly and the Senate approved the ...

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Exclusive: Download Cyber Crime Bill 2016

Recently Government of Pakistan approved the “Cyber Crime Bill 2016” from National Assembly of Pakistan and Senate of Pakistan to control the increasing “Cyber Crimes in Pakistan” and control the offences related with information systems. Every technologist, web developers, social media user and normal internet surfer must download and read this bill before using the Internet.   Download Cyber Crime Bill ...

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