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Computerization and Automation of Prisons in Punjab

The prison department of Punjab operationalized the Prison Management System with the collaboration of United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) in Pakistan. They designed the said system to computerize and automate prisoner related matters and day to day operations in the province’s prisons. This system will help the administration of Prisons department administration to manage over crowding, the ...

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Computerized System initiatives by Federal Ombudsman for Overseas Pakistanis

All Pak Ambassadors of 116 countries have started hearing of overseas Pakistanis complaints on the initiative of Federal ombudsman of Pakistan on weekly basis without any prior appointment in their respective country. Grievance commissioner for overseas Pakistanis and Senior Adviser (Law) to Mr M Salman Faroqui federal ombudsman of Pakistan Hafiz Ahsaan Ahmad Khokhar said that on the initiative of federal ombudsman all Pak ...

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Pakistan Customs launched Electronic Import Form (EIF) Software

With the collaboration of State Bank of Pakistan, Pakistan Customs developed a module in WeBOC with the name “Electronic Import Form” to monitor imports of Pakistan started from September 2016. It is also here sources said that a lot of session conducted with the coordination of SBP for the awareness of said module to all stakeholders of industry like importers, ...

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