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YouTube Gets Support for 4K Live Streaming

Remember when YouTube allowed 4K uploads? That was back in 2010. Now YouTube is bringing 4K live streaming capability to its platform. You can live stream in both 4K and in 360 degree 4K, whatever you like. You can check out the first 4K video live stream on YouTube tomorrow at 6:30 AM for The Game Awards 2016. This will give ...

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YouTube says you can be a ‘Hero’ if you help moderate its site

You become a ‘Hero’ if you help youtube for help to moderate its website. Now it is easy to work technically online with a giant video website and show up yourself on the major news headlines in media. Google launched a project with the name “YouTube Heroes” alongside  the company’s recently launched “Community” social network and aims to become a global group ...

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Earn Money from Pakistan through your Youtube Videos

After successful re-launching of Youtube in Pakistan, now the management of youtube allow Pakistani user to get money through their uploaded videos. You can easily earn income through your uploaded unique Videos. Just follow some simple steps for the creation of Youtube channel and enable your monetization card from main control panel. The basic requirements for earning income through youtube ...

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