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UK ISPs will soon send written warnings to suspected pirates

UK ISPs will begin sending out emails to subscribers later this month, warning them of movie, TV and music piracy identified on their connection and pointing them to legal content sources. All four major providers — Sky, BT, Virgin Media and TalkTalk — have agreed to the Voluntary Copyright Alert Programme, an anti-piracy initiative that’s been in the works since ...

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How to Choose Your Internet Service Provider in Pakistan?

When it comes to broadband connections or internet for your home, Pakistani market has always been ruled by a single player. Fortunately, other companies have ended the Internet Service Provider (ISP) monopoly in Pakistan with faster connections, reliable equipment and far better customer support. Subscribing to an ISP is a pretty big investment as far as money and time go. ...

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A pakistan got 3rd position among top bug hunters from around the Globe

Mr. Shahmeer Amir born in Multant and till now he earned almost $150,000 in total bounties by reporting bugs to 300+ global organizations. Some of these organizations include Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, Twitter, LinkedIn, Dropbox and much more. Consistent with last year’s status as a top bug finder, Shahmeer Amir continues to be a top producer in terms of bugs ...

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Pakistani super girl, Roma Saiyidain, is the world’s youngest certified ethical hacker

The World’s Youngest Certified Ethical Hacker, Roma Saiyidain, at the age of 13. She lives in Islamabad, is now officially the world’s youngest Certified Ethical Hacker. She became a certified Microsoft professional when she was only 10 years of age. The brilliant teen has dreams of becoming an anti-cyber terrorism expert one day and says that she wants to devote her entire ...

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Babar Iqbal is the Youngest Programmer/Developer of Pakistan

At the age of 9 Mr. Babar Iqbal started programming and development in different tools like XNA game developer, Microsoft surface developer, Microsoft Certified professional, youngest certified internet web professional. He also became the youngest certified wireless network administrator and Microsoft student partner. Babar is currently living in United Arab Emirates and is helping the students of universities in United Arab ...

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Pakistani Search Engine “Akas-e-Pakistan”

SUPARCO (Space & Upper Atmosphere Research Commission) announced that they will the first Pakistan Search engine with a local virtual mapping service. Through this service the people of Pakistan can be search the geological information and places. SUPARCO name this search engine Akas-e-Pakistan.   Another important announcement is that SUPARCO launching Remote Sensing Satellite which enable the users to view ...

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