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Gmail will stop working on Chrome for XP and Vista this year

If it’s been some time since you’ve updated your Chrome browser, you might see a banner at the top of Gmail’s interface on February 8th. It’ll contain a reminder to update to Chrome version 55 from 53 and below, since the newer iteration comes with several big security updates. That banner will go away after you update — unless you’re ...

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Google Bans 200 Websites for Publishing Fake News

The war against fake news and publishers have been in full swing by Facebook. Google has now also joined the bandwagon and in its first attempt, banned 200 publishers from using Google ads. The ban was part of an update to an existing policy that prohibits sites that mislead users with their content. Much like Facebook, Google has been under increased ...

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Google Maps warns you about parking woes before you leave

A parking difficulty icon popped up in an Android beta for Google Maps earlier this month, but now the feature is officially rolling out. However, there are a couple of caveats. First, the parking warnings are only available in the Android version of Google Maps for now. The new tool will also only warn you about potential parking headaches in ...

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Google employees not allowed talk about their jobs publicly

Google is a dream organization for the employees working somewhere else and one already working in Google cannot even imagine switching to other tech based company. Its Software engineers and developers are enjoying the highly attractive salaries, benefits and most important benevolent employer who takes care of their needs as much as possible. Google also sets limits for its employees ...

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Google Maps now indicates if a location is wheelchair accessible

In one of its smallest, yet most useful updates ever, Google Maps has now begun displaying whether a location, such as a building or restaurant, is accessible by wheelchair. The service sources this information from its human Local Guides, who answer questions about the places they visit, indicating things like average cost and parking. Google told Business Insider that its ...

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Google Pixel XL Vs. iPhone 7 Plus: If A Design Could Kill

The Google Pixel XL keeps getting better and better. And that’s saying a lot, considering I like my iPhone 7 Plus, as I wrote last week. Here is an update after doing some more back and forth with the two phones over the last week. Camera kills it: After leaning toward the iPhone 7 Plus’ camera last week, I think it’s ...

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Microsoft Translator Can Now Translate Speech in Real Time

Microsoft is likely ready to make its biggest leap yet in translation software. The app uses AI-based machine learning to make sure your guide’s words are translated into a language you understand in real-time, should you happen to be in a foreign country. The app communicates data with and from Microsoft’s servers in the process. Your guide can use the ...

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Google Reveals Top Search Trends for Pakistan During 2016

Google today announced its annual Year in Pakistan Search, which looks back at 2016 through the collective eyes of searches on and offers a unique perspective on the year’s major events, top newsmakers and hottest trends. Trending Searches of 2016 on Cricket score PSL schedule 2016 PTV Sports Live Euro 2016 PAK vs ENG iPhone 7 Bigg Boss ...

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How to choose the right ad tools for your site

Welcome to the #SuccessStack, a new series of articles designed to help you: Access Google’s large network of advertisers Grow your publishing business Earn more from the ads on your site This first article can help you choose the right tools to sell and manage the ads on your site. AdSense: Get started with easy access to Google’s network of ...

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