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Leaked documents show breadth of iPhone data accessible by Cellebrite forensic tool

Thanks to the recent encryption debate many smartphone owners are keenly aware of personal data stored on their iPhone, from contacts to calendar entries to photo metadata and more. Newly leaked documents relating to Israeli digital forensics firm Cellebrite demonstrate how much of that information is available to law enforcement agencies, at least when a device is left unencrypted. Source: ...

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International Forensic Biometric Standard Still at ‘Step Zero,’ Says American Expert

A Dutch team said last week that they were developing “worldwide standards to validate evidentiary value methods” which would standardize the way forensic scientists compare and contrast information across borders, and between investigations and agencies. But the international consensus is going to be a very complex and exacting process involving many voices from many nations, said one of the Americans ...

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Dutch Forensics to Develop International Standards

A Dutch team says they’re developing international forensic standards for probability in forensic science. The four-year project is a collaboration between the Netherlands Forensic Institute and the University of Twente’s CTIT (Center for Information and Communication Technology). The initial phase of the work is establishing “likelihood ratios” for biometric evidence collections. But that methodology would later be extrapolated to include ...

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World Bank started Forensic Audit of FBR Computerized System IRIS

The team of World Bank reached Pakistan and started the audit of FBR Computerized System called IRIS. The last year World Bank technical team submit the technical faults in said system and asked that the IRIS system quite old and not applicable in current scenrio of economic position of Pakistan.   So, after a some period its quite accepted that ...

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NAB is going to establish Digital Forensic Lab for Investigation

The National Accountability Bureau is going to establish his first Digital Forensic Science Lalb in Rawalpindi Bureau for investigation purpose and finger print analysis. NAB can be eliminate corruption using latest technology in this forensic lab. The Chairman NAB said the laboratory will help retrieve documents from electronic devices like cell phones, computers, iPads and networks, and its preservation to ...

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