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iFlix is Now Available in Pakistan for Just Rs. 300 Per Month

The Kuala Lumpur based online streaming service hinted a Pakistan launch back in March. Another teaser with more details was revealed in September. iFlix has now officially launched its services in Pakistan.

About iFlix

The company compares itself to Spotify for movies, dramas and other shows rather than Netflix. iFlix claims to offer shows from all around the world rather than a few limited regions like Netflix, allowing it to differ itself from the latter.

iFlix has partnered with over 150 studios and content distributors across the globe like Paramount, Fox, CBS, Warner Bros and Disney to offer more exclusive content. MGM’s investment in the company and its rapid growth in South Asia also tells how well the company is doing in its targeted markets.

iFlix Pakistan

iFlix has officially launched subscription services for Pakistanis. Anyone can now visit the website and sign up or sign into their accounts to view the content.

According to the webpage, thousands of TV shows, dramas, movies and more from all over the world including US, UK, Australia, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan and more will now be accessible to everyone in Pakistan. The service will also include local dramas and movies in its catalog.

Streaming Features

The streaming service’s users can use as much as five devices to access content on their devices. Subscribers can stream content using smartphones, tablets, desktop PCs, laptops or TV sets.

The company also allows subscribers to share their subscription with others so that two people can stream content on separate devices simultaneously.

Users can even download content to view later and watch stuff offline.


iFlix is offering one month of unlimited access without the need of any credit or debit card and sans any obligation to pay later. You will only be asked to pay when your trial is about to end. And if you don’t like it, your account will become inactive after 30 days.

Following your free trial month, you can subscribe to iFlix unlimited access for Rs. 300 per month, about the same as standard cable fee.

You can sign up for iFlix here.

Source: https://propakistani.pk/2017/01/09/iflix-now-available-pakistan-just-rs-300-per-month/

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