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Here’s how to become an ethical hacker

Cybersecurity should be top of mind for most people, especially given the slew of high-profile cyber-attacks that have been dominating the news. While it’s often unclear who the perpetrators of these attacks are, the core concepts and techniques they use are well known, and can help you protect yourself or build a lucrative career protecting others from cyber threats. The ...

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Apple hits Qualcomm with two more antitrust lawsuits

REUTERS/Charles Platiau Just days after hitting Qualcomm with a $1 billion lawsuit, Apple is doubling down with two more antitrust lawsuits against the chipmaker. As Reuters reports Wednesday, the latest pair of suits were filed by Apple’s subsidiary in China, alleging Qualcomm “abused its clout” in the industry and that the company never made good on its promise to cheaply ...

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Autonomous Ubers return to California with humans in control

ANGELO MERENDINO/AFP/Getty Images Uber’s run-in with the California DMV has apparently been smoothed over for now. Although the ride-hailing giant has since shipped its real-world autonomous vehicle testing out of the state, several of the offending vehicles are once again street legal in California — provided Uber keeps the self-driving systems turned off and a human driver behind the wheel. ...

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These are the 4 Most Inspirational TED Talks by Pakistanis

TED is a non-profit organization, known all around the world for its work on promoting and spreading ideas from all walks of life. It features ideas from exceptional individuals in the form of short talks ranging from 10 to 20 minutes. Handpicking some of the most extraordinary tales or ideas, from budding entrepreneurs to genius scientists to young prodigies to ...

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Google Bans 200 Websites for Publishing Fake News

The war against fake news and publishers have been in full swing by Facebook. Google has now also joined the bandwagon and in its first attempt, banned 200 publishers from using Google ads. The ban was part of an update to an existing policy that prohibits sites that mislead users with their content. Much like Facebook, Google has been under increased ...

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Momentum Tech Conference to Take Place on 6th & 7th February

Looking to launch your startup, raise money and learn about starting a company? Then Momentum Pakistan is the place for you! The 2-day startup conference and exhibition is a ‘must-attend” for “iconoclastic doers” from around Pakistan who share a common interest to build a strong ecosystem for nurturing innovation and startups in Pakistan. The event will be held on February ...

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Facebook To Introduce Ads in Messenger

Facebook is finally testing out a major way to monetize the Messenger platform and that concerns ads. Quite sizable ones, which’ll sit below your recent conversations. The social network’s messaging app will allow businesses in Australia and Thailand to advertise on the home screen. They’ll consist of an image followed by a text and a link. The link can be ...

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Orient’s IoT Division Acquires Local Startup ‘Smart Devices’

BlueEast Pvt. Ltd, a subsidiary of Orient Electronics, has acquired Smart Devices, a local startup that operates in the “Internet of Things” sphere. Internet of Things is a $600 billion global industry. Orient Electronics, one of the largest consumer goods companies of Pakistan, recently made a big push in the Pakistani IoT market by developing a new research and development ...

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