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Protect Your Facebook Account Permanently By Verifying It [Guide]

You may have heard about a friend, acquaintance or someone you know whose account was blocked by Facebook for no seemingly apparent reason.

Here’s what usually happens. Your friend (or anyone else for that matter) may have had their account reported by an anonymous user for a multitude of reasons that violate Facebook’s community rules.

If your account is not linked with your mobile number or does not contain any authenticating information, any user can report you to Facebook and it will result in your account getting blocked.

In the unlikely event if that happens, Facebook will ask you to authenticate it by demanding your mobile number and sending you a message to verify it via a code.

If that is not possible (no network signals, privacy concerns etc) you will be asked to submit a copy of your ID with a photo which is same as your Display Picture.

If you value your digital presence on Facebook, you can read on to find out how to secure your Facebook profile and verify it under your mobile number once and for all.

How to Verify Your Account via ID(s)

There are three different methods for submitting your ID’s to Facebook to get your account verified. You are supposed to cover up personal information like credit card numbers when submitting the ID.

Please note that as per Facebook, it will delete the information after verifying your account.

Here’s what you require for verifying your Facebook profile:

Government IDs

An ID card issued by your respective government which has your name and date of birth written on it or your name and photo.The date of birth, photo and name should obviously match with the information in your Facebook account.first-example FB ID verification
This can be one of these ID’s:

Non Government IDs

You will need to provide two non government ID verifying cards in case you cannot provide a government ID. The names on both of these should match.One of the cards should have a photo of you or your date of birth mentioned which should match with your Facebook profile’s date of birth.

second-example FB ID verification
These non-government IDs are accepted:

In case the first two methods don’t work

If you don’t have an ID that shows both your real name and photo or your real name with your date of birth, then you can use one more option.For this option you will need to upload two of the ID’s from the 2nd option (as mentioned above) which have your real name mentioned.
third-example FB ID verification

The third ID you upload needs to have your real photo/date of birth that matches with your Facebook account information.The name can be different for the third ID. Facebook will not add the name to your account and will delete the information once your account is verified.

Once you follow these steps your account will be verified within a few days at most.

However, it should be mentioned that some users have faked their ID’s to show their name as being similar to their Facebook names which resulted in a confirmation from Facebook.

We do not recommend photoshopping your ID’s to be the same as your Facebook account and recommend that you follow the steps with your authentic information only.

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