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AI was everywhere in 2016

At the Four Seasons hotel in South Korea, AlphaGO stunned grandmaster Lee Sodol at the complex and highly intuitive game of Go. Google’s artificially intelligent system defeated the 18-time world champion in a string of games earlier this year. Backed by the company’s superior machine-learning techniques, AlphaGo had processed thousands and thousands of Go moves from previous human-to-human games to ...

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Privacy is still alive and kicking in the digital age

Our lives are lived in data. Data crossing borders and connected in virtual space. Most often, it appears, we live in open and too easily accessible data networks. States and corporations are watching us through data, and we are watching each other through data. What does individual privacy mean in this data saturated environment? Privacy is like trust and security; ...

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Developer Submission: Live Sports and TV updated with world-wide live cameras and Xbox availability

Live Sport and TV, one of the best live stream player in the Windows App Store. The app supports different live stream formats such as RTMP, RMTPE, RTSL, HLS, etc. With almost one thousand live streams, Live Sport and TV covers a variety of topics including news, business, entertainment, sport. In the latest update, beside expanding the app’s availability to ...

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ICT R&D Fund to Setup Multi Million Dollar Incubation Centers in Provincial Capitals

ICT R&D Fund, after successfully inaugurating National Incubation Center in Islamabad, is now planning to set up similar facilities in all provincial capitals. According to an RFP (request for proposals) published in newspapers and on their official website, such Incubation Centers are planned for Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar Quetta. ICT R&D Fund has invited companies which can setup and maintain incubation centers ...

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How technology is merging with the human body?

The gulf between “human” and “machine” is closing. Machine learning has enabled virtual reality to feel more “real” than ever before, and AI’s replication of processes that were once confined to the human brain is ever-improving. Both are bringing technology into ever-closer proximity with the human body. Things are getting weird. And they are going to get a lot weirder. Let’s ...

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Leaked documents show breadth of iPhone data accessible by Cellebrite forensic tool

Thanks to the recent encryption debate many smartphone owners are keenly aware of personal data stored on their iPhone, from contacts to calendar entries to photo metadata and more. Newly leaked documents relating to Israeli digital forensics firm Cellebrite demonstrate how much of that information is available to law enforcement agencies, at least when a device is left unencrypted. Source: ...

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Are You Miserable? Social Media Might be the Cause

A study recently conducted at the University of Copenhagen suggest that “lurking” on social media for long periods of time can make you envious, and thus make you more miserable. “Too much Facebook browsing at Christmas, and seeing all those ‘perfect’ families and holiday photos is more likely to make you miserable than festive.” The study was conducted with more ...

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Facebook is Still Struggling When It Comes to Hate Speech

A German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung shared a report, citing internal documents, which reveals how Facebook takes care of hate speech and fake news. The report was published in the papers last week, when the German politicians threatened to create laws against social networks for refusing to permanently delete hate speech or fake news from their platforms. The internal documents in ...

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