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A Pakistani Kid Hamza Shahzad – World Youngest Computer Programmer

A kid of Pakistan origin has become the world’s youngest qualified computer programmer at the age of seven. Muhammad Hamza Shahzad, resident of Handsworth area in Birmingham has been trained by his father Asim Shahzad, who works with an American IT firm.

His mission to prepare himself as like “Bill Gates”.
Hamza Shehzad already become the World’s youngest Microsoft Office Professional (MOP) by passing the Office exams including MS Word, MS Powerpoint, MS Excel 2013 in the age of 6 years.
This is not the first time when Hamza has set a world record. Last year at the age of six, he had

Hamza Shahzad said, “He can easily create Web App and manages to develop his own basic shopping cart app,” .

“He has got his hands dirty in Windows desktop App, console App, windows services, Web services and finds it really fun to develop simple console based game applications.

“He can explain about heap, stack, memory management, data structures perhaps better than many experienced programmers,” the spokesperson added.

All Pakistan proud on Hazma Shahzad for making these world records. Humza, who was born in Lahore in 2009 moved to London in 2011 along with his parents after his father got a job in an IT firm.

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