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Computerization and Automation of Prisons in Punjab

The prison department of Punjab operationalized the Prison Management System with the collaboration of United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) in Pakistan. They designed the said system to computerize and automate prisoner related matters and day to day operations in the province’s prisons.


This system will help the administration of Prisons department administration to manage over crowding, the mixing of high- and low-risk prisoners, obsolete legislation and rules/operating procedures, the lack of any electronic record-keeping system, and lack of prison staff training and capacity building.

The PMIS includes different modules like Admission and Release, FIR, Under Sections and Warrants’ Administration, Prisoners’ Housing Management, Daily Court Production Management, Court Decisions and Sentence Management, Remission Management, Appeal Management for Convicted Prisoners, Management of Medical Treatment, Visitors’ Management, and other miscellaneous subjects viz. Prison Offense Management, Cash Ledger, Belongings’ Management, Children’s Log, etc. The system also includes a Reporting Module for facilitating the several reports specified for presentation and utilization at different levels.

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