Pakistan’s ministries & divisions is going on paperless environment | Information Technology News

Pakistan’s ministries & divisions is going on paperless environment

As Ministry of Information technology initiative toward paperless environment almost 25 ministries adopted the e-governance software application called e-office application developed by the MoIT. Mostly departments migrated their old records into the system with their scanned images & textual record. The Minister of State for Information Technology and Telecommunication Anusha Rehman had a lot of interest on automation of all Government of Pakistan’s departments and use the said application. She said that we can improve the overall performance of Pakistani ministries through this e-governance system that is¬†introduced in almost 25 Pakistani ministries and divisions.


National Information Technology Board (NITB) trained the government employees to use the said system with different level learning steps. The said system is accessible to all over the Pakistan on safe and secure network of NTC (Fiber) on dedicated technical intranet path.

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